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MicroFET4™ Grip and Pinch Force Gauge
MicroFET4™ Grip and Pinch Force Gauge

MicroFET4™ Grip and Pinch Force Gauge

  • Combination hand grip and pinch gauge in a single device
  • Measures both individual finger grip and overall hand grip strength
  • Easy to read LCD displays
  • Pinch and Grip gauges each adjust to five different settings
  • For stand-alone use or with data capture software; can be detached from computer for quick, portable tests then reattached for more thorough testing and documentation
  • Performable tests:
    1. Maximum Grip Test
    2. Position Grip Test
    3. Rapid Exchange Grip Test
    4. Hand Grip Fatigue Test
    5. Key Pinch
    6. Palmar Pinch
    7. Tip Pinch  

The innovative microFET4 Pinch & Grip gauge by Hoggan Health is the only combination hand dynamometer available in a single device. Designed in compliance with all major published research in grip and pinch protocols, the microFET4 is the highly versatile, cost ef. The microFET4 Pinch & Grip dynamometer meets the highest standard of quality and reliability.

The microFET4 is a highly versatile, cost-effective dynamometer for anyone involved in hand rehab, upper extremity testing, or geriatric care. The microFET4 Pinch & Grip provides accurate, objective and quantifiable results by identifying areas of weakness in the wrists, hands or fingers due to injury or disease. 

Product Specifications for the microFET4 Pinch & Grip gauge

  • Innovative design combines grip and pinch testing into one dynamometer
  • Size 3" x 12" 
  • Weight less than 1 lb.
  • Measures is Pounds or Newtons
  • Two threshold settings
  • Low threshold 0.8 lbs to 200 lbs. in 0.2 lb increments (3.6 - 889 Newton, 0.8 N increments)
    High threshold 3 lbs to 200 lbs. in 1 lb increments (13 - 889 Newton, 4N increments)
  • Easy to read LCD displays
  • Performable tests: Maximum Grip Test , 5 Position Grip Test , Rapid Exchange Grip Test, Hand Grip Fatigue Test, Key Pinch, Palmar Pinch and Tip Pinch
  • One year warranty includes parts and labor plus 1st annual calibration (extended warranty is available, contact Ergobuyer for details)
  • Patent Pending
  • Optional software available 

microFET4 Kit Includes:

  • microFET4
  • Manual test recording pad
  • User manual
  • Protocol Manual
  • Convenient carrying case

Optional Software

MicroFET Clinical Software

  • Downloads test data from microFET4 dynamometer
  • Automatically performs calculations and validity checks
  • Generates tables & graphs from testing data
  • Creates high-impact session and comparison reports
  • Walks clinician through selected tests or entire protocols
  • Built-in pictures demonstrate proper gauge and patient positioning

Data Collection/Research Software

  • Easy to use data collection software to capture test results
  • Real time graphical data displayed of test being performed on software screen
  • Configurable start and stop test settings
  • Test file saves as a .csv format allows for file to be opened in any spreadsheet or analytical software for further analysis
  • Data collection software can be used with any Hoggan microFET or Ergo products

microFET4 Software includes

  • Software CD
  • User Manual
  • Interface Cable
  • USB converter cable


MicroFET4™ Grip and Pinch Force Gauge (including software)


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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 17 February, 2012.