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Varitherm Wax Bath
Varitherm Wax Bath

Varitherm Wax Bath

An established unit used around the world. This is efficient and odour-free and heats up to 18kg of wax. It is thermostatically controlled with a safety cut-out in the event of lack of water. Wax bath thermometer T1A supplied as standard.

The Varitherm Wax Bath comprises a resin tank which holds the paraffin wax, surrounded by an electrically heated, thermostatically controlled water jacket. The temperature control may be set to maximum in order to provide rapid melting of the solid wax when the unit is first switched on. After almost all of the wax is melted, the temperature control is normally set to approximately 50 C so that the paraffin is just in its molten state. It is advisable to check the actual wax temperature with a suitablethermometerprior to treatment.


Varitherm Wax Bath

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 30 June, 2015.
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