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Fitter™ Rocker and Wobble Boards
Fitter™  Rocker and Wobble Boards
Fitter™  Rocker and Wobble BoardsFitter™  Rocker and Wobble BoardsFitter™  Rocker and Wobble Boards

Fitter? Rocker and Wobble Boards

Improve balance, coordination and confidence with these durable exercise boards.
These boards are ideal for sensorimotor training. Handcrafted from top-grade plywood with a nonslip, rich birch finish. Begin therapy with the 20" (51cm)

Fitter? Rocker Board. This square platform with a rocker base rocks side to side at a maximum 16° angle. Suitable for basic balance training and improving range of motion.

Fitter? Wobble Boards have a removable 5" (13cm) polyurethane sphere and a tri-level spacer for varied degrees of difficulty. The intermediate 20" (51cm) Wobble Board has 10°, 12° and 15° adjustments. The 16" (41cm) Wobble Board has three degrees of difficulty: 14°, 16° and 19°, and is intended for higher level patients and athletes.

Fitter? Balance Aids are ideal for assisting first time users or individuals with limited balance. These lightweight aluminum poles have a 9" (23cm), flexible, polyurethane base that offers excellent stability while encouraging the user to stand in an upright position. The shaft measures 52" (132cm) long. Balance Aids work well with a variety of vestibular training equipment.

The Full set includes one 16" (41cm) and one 20" (51cm) Wobble Board, one 20" (51cm) Rocker Board and a wooden stand for convenient storage.

101129 / NC86000

Wobble Board, advanced, 15-20 degrees, 16" circle

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101128 / NC86001

Wobble board, moderate, 10-15 degrees, 20" circle

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101104 / NC86002

Rocker Board 20 in

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101132 / NC86003

Wobble & Rocker Board Set with Stand

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101133 / NC86004

Balance Aids, 52 in

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 09 December, 2013.