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Verteo - Sit-to-stand Lift
Verteo - Sit-to-stand Lift
Verteo - Sit-to-stand LiftVerteo - Sit-to-stand LiftVerteo - Sit-to-stand Lift
Verteo - Sit-to-stand LiftVerteo - Sit-to-stand LiftVerteo - Sit-to-stand Lift
Verteo - Sit-to-stand LiftVerteo - Sit-to-stand Lift

Verteo - Sit-to-stand Lift

Taking care of a disabled or immobilized patient is a daily challenge for both the patient and the caregiver. Moving a person from chair to bed or any other area can be sometimes a stressful process. Patient transfer, though, does not have to be difficult if supported by modern equipment that facilitates daily care. Lifting devices are a great solution for people with mobility problems making the act of sitting, standing and moving easier.

Meden-Inmed pays special attention to the needs of medical personnel and their patients.

Our reliable lifters can improve the quality of life making the transition as smooth, easy, safe and stress-free as possible. Whether getting out of or into bed or daily activities like bathing, using the toilet, dressing, these devices are simply indispensable. Designed for people that can’t walk on their own for many different reasons: back problems, arthritis, injuries or other. Perfect for elderly patients that have trouble walking, our lifters can be used successfully in many nursing houses, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and in homes.

Deciding which patient lift to purchase is sometimes a hard task. This catalogue will provide you with some important information to make best choice, matching the proper patient lift with individual user needs. We offer comprehensive solutions, both with regard to standing support as well as full body patient transport.

Grip handles - easy to grip, for easy maneuverability
Lifting arms
Solid sling attachment (4-point) - lifting arms have 4 pins (for easy sling fastening)
Flexible tibial support - allows to support patient’s legs in the tibial area
Fixed support - in position parallel to the ground
Emergency stop button
2 castors with brake - brakes on the rear wheels prevent the device from moving during use when neccessary
Remote control - ergonomic and easy to use

Lenght [cm] 108
Width [cm] 75
Height [cm] 113
Base width (min.) [cm] 51/66
Base width (max.) [cm] 101/115
Lifting range [cm] 78/174


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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 26 May, 2021.