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Klarity Contour Blend Thermoplastic Material
Klarity Contour Blend Thermoplastic Material
Klarity Contour Blend Thermoplastic Material

Klarity Contour Blend Thermoplastic Material

Resistance to Stretch

Moderate resistance to stretch.

When purposely stretched, Spectrum? thins evenly so it can be used to make all types of splints with intimate fit and support.


Moderate degree of drape.

With smooth, firm handling, conforms closely for an optimal fit.


Moderate memory.

Material springs back slightly when stretched or contoured.

Splints will hold their shape when heated mildly for fitting adjustments.


Moderate to firm rigidity.

Ideal for layer joint positioning.


Traditional coating has slight tacky feel but won?t adhere to bandages. Forms a strong bond when dry heated and pressed together firmly.

Use solvent to remove coating and dry heat to form a permanent bond.

Surface Finish

Resists fingerprinting. Marks and fingerprints disappear during cooling.


Features unique memory and stretch that is ideal for circumferential splints, neurological splints, all hand and wrist splinting, as well as for fracture bracing, lower extremity positioning splints and pediatric, non-weight bearing AFOs.

Working time

Allows three to five minutes to form and harden after softening in 160 F (71 C) water.


Contour Blend 460X610X2.4MM Non Perf

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Contour Blend 460X610X2.4mm 1%Perf

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Contour Blend 920X610X3.2MM Nonperf

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Contour Blend 920X610X3.2MM 1% Perf

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Contour Blend 460X610X3.2MM Nonperf

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Contour Blend 460X610X3.2MM 1%Perf

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 06 August, 2012.
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