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Hand of Hope - Rehab Robotic Arm
Hand of Hope - Rehab Robotic Arm
Hand of Hope - Rehab Robotic Arm

Hand of Hope (Rehab Robotic Arm)

Hand of Hope is a therapeutic device that may help patients regain hand mobility through motor relearning. It facilitates muscle re-education by both amplifying and rewarding a patient with desired motion in concert with his or her own muscle signal.

The system continuously monitors and senses, but does not stimulate, the affected muscles. The patient can self-initiates movement through their often very weak voluntary EMG signals that indicate intention to move.

The system then filters and processes data to a motor on the brace to enable desired motion. This processing occurs so quickly that it is transparent to the end user. Importantly, EMG-driven robotics requires the patient to be actively engaged throughout the therapy session. Through repetitive training using the system, a paralyzed person, such as one who has suffered a stroke can perform activities of daily living including opening, holding and picking.

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 01 March, 2015.