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Disposable ECG Electrode, Adult Foam Electrode
Disposable ECG Electrode, Adult Foam Electrode

Disposable ECG Electrode, Adult Foam Electrode

Long term ECG snap electrode for all long term monitoring


Shape / Size (excl. grip):                                  Round / Ø 50 mm

Total Product Surface (excl. grip):                 1963.5 mm²

Gel Area:                                                         254.5 mm²

Adhesive Area :                                                1709.0 mm²

Sensor (Eyelet) Diameter / Area:                 Ø 10mm / 78.5 mm²

Substrate Thickness (adapter excluded): 1 mm

Integrated Lead Wire (length / colour):        N/A


Substrate Material :                                        Polyethylene foam

Adhesive:                                                        Medical grade pressure sensitive adhesive

Gel Type:                                                        Wet Gel

Foam (Sponge):                                                Material Synthetic foam - Open cell

Release Liner :                                                PETP film

Sensor Polymer :                                                Glass-filled ABS - Ag/AgCl coated

Adaptor / Connector (Stud):                        Stainless steel

Integrated Lead Wire Jacketing:                 N/A

Integrated Lead Wire Cord:                         N/A


  • 50 Electrodes / Pouch
  • 400 Electrodes / Case


Disposable ECG Electrode, Adult Foam Electrode

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 30 September, 2015.