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Podotech Elftman Advance Gait Analysis System
Podotech Elftman Advance Gait Analysis System
Podotech Elftman Advance Gait Analysis SystemPodotech Elftman Advance Gait Analysis SystemPodotech Elftman Advance Gait Analysis System

Podotech Elftman Advance Gait Analysis System

The Podotech Elftman Advance enables you to offer a complete gait analysis service, all in one single unit system.

The highest quality resistive sensors offer exceptional sampling rates and scan quality to provide you with endless opportunities.

Quick and easy to use, the Elftman Advance is a fantastic addition to any clinical practice looking to offer the latest gait analysis facilities.

Why choose the Podotech Elftman Advance?

12,288 sensors register foot pressure at a sampling rate of 200 images per second.

A single unit structure reduces the complexity of modular systems.

Solid and robust system, yet still lightweight

The software allows synchronisation of the Elftman Advance measurements with other diagnostic tools.

Numerous software options for analysing and displaying scan data.

Highly durable, permanent mat surface

CE certification provides quality assurance

Dynamic analysis

  • Roll-off animation
  • Global dynamic picture, calculations and graphs
  • Simultaneous displays of each step
  • Calculation of space/time parameters
  • Multiple characteristics of gait timing
  • Video synchronisation, with up to 2 cameras
  • Lateral-medial analysis

Static analysis

  • Foot pressure mapping with calculation per area
  • Multiple visualisation options
  • Scale 1:1 printing
  • Exam comparisons

Postural analysis

  • Numerical and graphical analysis of stabilometry parameters
  • Continuous or step by step analysis, and review changes in the centres of pressure
  • Romberg quotient calculation
  • Live display


  • Provides all the tools to display and analyse foot pressure and gait pattern
  • Includes space-time calculations, time of contact, impulse and lateral/medial analysis
  • Video analysis incorporated
  • Multiple dynamic scans can be taken
  • All data and statistics can be exported to excel for further analysis

Benefits for your clinic:

  • Enables you to offer a complete pressure and gait analysis service to your patients
  • Analyse gait patterns over a number of strides rather than just one
  • Quick and easy to use software guides you through patient consultations, enabling you to see the maximum number of patients during the day
  • Immediate analysis and interpretation of data via comprehensive reports
  • Provides the option of screening patients for potential areas of diabetic ulceration
  • Monitor patients ‘pre’ and ‘post’ treatment to assess outcomes and recovery rates
  • An existing database from your Podotech Elftman pressure platform can be imported to create a comprehensive database
  • Visual impact reinforces patient education, compliance and treatment recommendations
  • Generates PDF and Bitmap files for computerised records


Podotech Elftman Advance Gait Analysis System

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 31 January, 2018.