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VCWS 4 Upper Extremity Range of Motion
VCWS 4 Upper Extremity Range of Motion

VCWS 4 Upper Extremity Range of Motion

VCWS 4上肢活动范围

Purpose: To assess upper extremity range of motion and work tolerance in the upper body, including shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, and fingers. The work sample simulates light work and makes the following physical demands upon the evaluee: reaching, fingering, feeling, near acuity, depth perception, accommodation, and color vision. Significant motor coordination and manual dexterity are called for in order to perform the work sample at a competitive level.



The work sample elicits information on several secondary, work-related characteristics, including the ability to follow instructions, physical stamina, level of motivation, communication skills, and self-confidence.



The evaluee's level of fatigue and/or pain are assessed twice during the work sample administration and recorded on a color-coded upper extremity body chart.

The work sample is very well suited to various work- hardening uses.

被评估者的疲劳和/或疼痛的级别在测试执行期间会被评估两次, 并记录在一个颜色编码的上肢人体图上。


Design: Hands-on work sample hardware used to assemble nuts onto bolts.


Special Features: Scores may be interpreted against criterion-referenced standards, supplied norms, or locally developed norms. It is appropriate for use with disabled or nondisabled persons. A VCWS#4 B-Kit — adaptations for visually impaired or blind persons — is available.

特殊功能: 评分可以对照标准参照的标准,或在本地开发的标准参照的标准。有无残疾人士都可使用。 VCWS#4B-套件 - 为适应视障或失明人士使用

Information Collected: The work sample has been analyzed according to U.S. Department of Labor job analysis techniques. The result of the analysis is a list of rated DOL work-related abilities and other factors that are required for successful work sample performance. Valpar uses Methods-Time Measurement (MTM) to establish industrial work rate standards for the work sample. Successful performance requires a variety of DOL aptitudes, physical demands, and other factors.

The evaluator uses learning curve adjusted MTM standards to determine whether the evaluee has demonstrated the work sample's Worker Qualifications Profile. Adjusted MTM standards for individual exercises are provided as well. Unadjusted MTM standards are also given for individual exercise administrations of the work sample.

信息收集: 按照美国劳工部的劳动岗位分析技术进行分析。分析的结果是,劳工部所列的相关工作的能力和其它因素的列表。 Valpar使用方法时间测量( MTM )建立产业工作速率标准的工作样本。成功的表现需要各种劳工部所列的特性,体能要求,以及其他因素。


Procedures: The work sample is usually administered with the evaluee in a standing position. There are eight assembly exercises (four each for the right and left hands), and one disassembly exercise for both hands. The evaluee picks up one nut at a time, reaches through the opening in the front of the work box, positions the nut, and screws it down snugly against the box. The inside of the box is divided into red and blue halves. The right hand works the red side of the box first; the left hand works the blue side of the box second. Finally, the evaluee removes the nuts using one hand at a time and places them back into the storage compartment.

程序:工作样本模拟通常是让被评估者在站立姿势测试 。有八个组件练习( 左右手个4个)和一个双手拆卸练习。被评估者每次拿起一个螺母,由箱子前端进入, 然后将螺母和螺钉下固定。框的内部被分成红色和蓝色两半。右手先在盒子的红色区工作; 右手先在盒子的蓝色区工作。最后,被评估者一一拆卸螺母,并将它们放回到储藏格。

The evaluator assesses the evaluee's fatigue and/or pain after both the right hand and left hand portions of the work sample.



Components: The work box is a 12" cube with an open back end and a 5" opening in the front. The five sides of the box are lined with machine bolts of various sizes, threads exposed to the inside. A box for storing provided nuts is included. The bolts and nuts are zinc plated to inhibit rust and tarnish. The work sample comes with manual, a pad of 100 scoring sheets, and a pad of 100 body charts.


组件:工作箱是一个12英寸的方箱, 后端开放, 前端有5 英寸开口。箱子的五个面衬有各种尺寸的机器螺栓,螺纹裸露。用于存储螺母的盒子也包括在内。螺栓和螺母镀锌抑制生锈和变色。这项工作的样品附带说明书, 100份评分表格,和100份人体表格。

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