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Functional Dexterity Test™
Functional Dexterity Test™
Functional Dexterity Test™

Functional Dexterity Test™

Quick and simple dexterity test for adults and children as described in the Journal of Hand Therapy.* and Journal Hand Surgery America*

Tests dynamic in-hand manipulation using 3 jaw chuck prehension rather than static grip or grasp-release patterns examined by other dexterity test.

Designed to easily evaluate dexterity in children (ages 3-17 years) and adults (ages 20-69 years).

Test involves turning 16 pegs over as quickly as possible in a sequential manner.

Takes less than two minutes to administer, accommodating both a child’s attention span and a busy clinic setting.

Hardwood board measures 8" (21cm) square, and has a locking cover. The wooden pegs measure 9/10" (2.2cm) in diameter and 1-6/10" (4.0cm) in length.

Equipment standards, testing instructions, reliability, validity and adult normative data are based on numerous clinical studies performed over 20 years.

Includes the Adult Functional Level Score Sheet based on hand dominance and normal speed of performing activities of daily living using a three-jaw chuck prehension pattern.

Pediatric normative data and testing is based on pegs per second rather than total time (seconds) and no penalties (refer to Journal Hand Surgery America* article)

Provides a "growth chart" for the pediatrics population to predict dexterity developmentally.

*Dorit Aaron, Caroline W. Jansen, “Development of the Functional Dexterity Test (FDT),” Journal of Hand Therapy, vol. 16. (Jan.-Mar 2003): 12-21. (adult paper)

Gloria Gogola, Paul Velleman, Shuai Xu, Adianne Morse, Barbara Lacy, Dorit Aaron, “Hand Dexterity in Children: Administration and Normative Values of the Functional Dexterity Test,” Journal of Hand Surgery America, vol.38, (December 2013)


Functional Dexterity Test™

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