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Broselow Pediatric Emergency Tape
Broselow Pediatric Emergency Tape

Broselow Pediatric Emergency Tape

When time and accuracy are crucial during a pediatric emergency situation, turn to the Broselow® System which is designed with children’s care and procedural accuracy in mind. Each color-coded system supplies you with all the medical dosage information (except for infusion drugs) and size-specific equipment you need for your young patients’ emergency resuscitation requirements.


1.Measure - Measure the child with the Broselow® Tape. This gives you an accurate weight estimate, equipment sizes, and drug dosages.

2.Treat - Reach into the bag for exactly the right equipment for I.V., intubation, O2 delivery, or intraosseous access. There’s no guessing.


The 2019 version of the Broselow Reference Tape will be compliant with the most current PALS Standards and will include the following:

Pre-calculated doses in milligrams, as well as all doses in pre-calculated ml, making the entire process error free by removing the need for any calculations.

The new tape will accommodate for obesity by allowing for a habitus adjustment if deemed appropriate to the tape weight estimation.

When used without the habitus adjustment new tape provides an accurate estimate of Ideal Body Weight, over actual body weight, which is preferred for many emergency medications.

Updated with additional essential medications for both EMS and the ER.

Contains a separate section, Quick Access Meds, for those medications needed immediately

Folds to 3 5/8" x 6" and unfolds to 3 5/8" x 60"

PM8008 is sold as individual tape.

PM8008 Broselow Pediatric Emergency Tape email for quotation

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 30 August, 2021.