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Kinetec Traction and Suspension
Kinetec Traction and Suspension
Kinetec Traction and SuspensionKinetec Traction and SuspensionKinetec Traction and Suspension
Kinetec Traction and Suspension

Kinetec Traction and Suspension

Kinetec provides a range of solutions for Traction and Suspension in orthopaedic, rheumatology, neurology, emergency and paediatric departments.
What is Traction?
It is a force applied to one part or to one end of the body opposing the force provided by the patient’s own body weight.
What is Suspension?
Suspension helps to maintain the axis of the traction and to improve comfort.
What are the therapeutic objectives?
- To prevent or reduce muscle spasms.
- To immobilize a joint or one part of the body.
- To reduce a fracture or dislocation.
- To treat articular pathology.
How can these objectives be achieved?
- Alignment of the distal or proximal fragment member.
- Maintenance of the limb position with a constant force.
- Controls the movement of the limb.
- Allows the provision of nursing care.
Many traction and suspension frame configurations are possible, It is important that the medical staff understand the patient’s condition to determine the required equipment. The medical staff also need to know the make and model of bed, the pathology of the condition and the required duration of the treatment.
Traction or suspension is achieved by an assembly of bars, pulleys, cords and weights. The most important element of the traction is the position of the first pulley (usually closest to the limb being treated) as this dictates the articular axis and/or the correct position of the suspension

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